How to Safely Access Sensitive Data From Home — Part 1 — Hysolate

  • Traditional internet proxies
  • Secure web gateways
  • Web isolation services
  • Application isolation
  • OS isolation technologies

Traditional Internet Proxies

Most organizations with a perimeter-based security model have internet proxies. These are the most common solutions used to securely access the internet.

Secure Web Gateways

Secure web gateways are the modern replacement for the traditional, on-premise web proxy. Organizations force all corporate endpoints to communicate with the internet through a cloud-based web gateway. These gateways control, filter, and protect endpoints from malware. They utilize the power of the cloud to provide these services at scale, wherever users are, without forcing them to be connected from within the organization perimeter.

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About the Author

Yan is a Product Manager at Hysolate bringing more than a decade of experience in the software, IT and cyber security industries in both software and customer facing roles. He joined Hysolate in its first year as the first customer facing role as a senior sales engineer. Previously acting as a software engineer and customer success lead in the VMware end user computing business unit, Yan actually began his career in an IDF military intelligence unit where he was an architect and tech lead on large-scale virtualization and IT projects. He holds a BSc degree in Computer Science and an MBA.



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