Is it time for Work 2.0 ? — Hysolate

  • Corporate-owned PCs: providing a managed corporate laptop/desktop (typically a domain-joined Windows PC) and making sure users only have the minimal permissions to access corporate apps that they need for their work.
  • BYOD: allowing employees and external users to use their personal/3rd party unmanaged devices to access corporate apps via VPN, cloud web apps, or VDI/published apps. In some cases these devices are partially managed or enrolled in endpoint management systems (e.g. MDM/MAM/…). This can apply both to mobile devices and PCs.
  • Thin clients: some organizations are adopting a full VDI strategy and provide employees with thin client devices that only connect to remote virtual desktops running in the data center.
  • App portal: regardless of the device being used, users can be provided with an app portal through which they can access all enterprise apps (either cloud/on-prem/legacy Windows apps). This approach is typically combined with SSO and sometimes with a Zero Trust approach.

About the Author

Tal is a 20-year software industry leader with a track record of solving urgent business challenges by reimagining how technology works. An entrepreneur at heart, he has pioneered multiple breakthrough cybersecurity and virtualization products. Before founding Hysolate, Tal incubated next-gen end-user computing products in the CTO office at VMware. Earlier, he was part of the leadership team at Wanova, a desktop virtualization startup acquired by VMware. Tal began his career in an elite IDF technology unit, leading mission-critical cybersecurity projects that won the prestigious Israeli Defense Award. He holds multiple US patents as well as an M.Sc. degree in Computer Science, and the honor of valedictorian, from the Technion.



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Hysolate is a software platform that enables locally deploying and remotely managing virtual, secured, environments on a single endpoint.