VMware Horizon Architecture: Planning Your Deployment — Hysolate

  • Horizon Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture
  • Components of VMware Horizon
  • Architecture Design for VMware Horizon VDI
  • Memory Requirements
  • CPU Req u ire m ents
  • Disk Size

VMware Horizon Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Architecture

Components of VMware Horizon

Virtualization Infrastructure

vCenter Server

ESXi Hypervisor

VDI Infrastructure

Horizon View Connection Server

View Composer

Horizon Administrator

View Agent

Horizon Client

User Management Infrastructure

Workspace ONE UEM

Application Delivery

  • App Volumes — a real-time application delivery system that dynamically delivers and manages applications to user devices.
  • ThinApp — provides agentless application virtualization. Users can access remote applications without having to install software on their personal devices.

Architecture Design for VMware Horizon VDI


Non-Persistent Desktops

  • Reduction of approx. 80% in storage requirements
  • Easier maintenance of updates, because only one master image needs to be updated
  • Improved security, because any desktop have a lifespan of up to one day before it is refreshed from a master image
  • User settings data is also backed up centrally, further conserving storage

Persistent Desktops

  • Dramatically increases storage usage compared to non-persistent desktops — user-specific settings and applications may take up to 25–35 GB per desktop
  • Desktop updates need to be managed, typically using a solution like Altiris or WSUS
  • Security is less robust because desktops can remain persistent for months, and users may install software or make configuration changes that introduce vulnerabilities
  • User settings are not backed up centrally, so may be lost in case of loss of the virtualized desktop

Memory Requirements

CPU Requirements

Disk Size

  • ESXi uses a suspend file with the same size as the RAM allocated to the VM
  • Windows page file is, by default, 150% of RAM
  • Log files require approx. 100MB per VM

Democratizing your Desktop Environment with Hysolate

  • Protecting corporate devices by completely isolating a user desktop and the applications and files used by employees.
  • Providing secure corporate access from unmanaged user-owned devices, using a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace.



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