Windows Virtual Desktop vs Citrix — Hysolate

System Requirements

  • If Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 (or higher) is not installed, it will be installed automatically.
  • Microsoft Management Console 3.0 (included in all supported operating systems).
  • Windows PowerShell 3.0 or higher.

Cost Efficiency

Accessibility for Small to Medium Businesses

Administration Experience



User Desktop Experience

Combining WVD with Citrix

  • Optimization packs for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business-provides a good audio-visual experience for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business.
  • Hybrid Cloud Model-WVD can only run Windows 10 workloads in multiple sessions on Azure. Citrix provides the ability to also run existing RDSH workloads, either on-premises, on Azure, on any other cloud, or on HCI solutions like Nutanix.
  • Citrix HDX-an improved remoting protocol.
  • Citrix Machine Creation Services (MCS)-provides a hypervisor API that enables quick generation of VMs with minimal infrastructure utilization.
  • AutoScale-quickly adds or removes workloads as needed, with “vertical load balancing” which balances the number of user sessions on a single machine until optimal performance is reached, improving utilization and reducing the number of servers needed.
  • App Layering-this Citrix capability significantly reduces management time for Windows images and applications. It separates the applications from the management infrastructure and the operating system. It lets you install each application and operating system patch only once, then update the appropriate template and reload the image.
  • App Protection-this Citrix feature improves security when using public resources on virtual desktops and Citrix applications.
  • Session Recording-lets users record screen activity during VDA-hosted user sessions for any connection type, in accordance with company policies.
  • Citrix Analytics-security and performance analysis leveraging AI, which can help identify and resolve issues and anomalies.
  • Citrix SD-WAN-Citrix SD-WAN is a next-generation WAN solution that provides better security, and an improved application environment for SaaS, cloud, virtual applications and desktops.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)-Citrix integrates with third-party MFA providers, including Okta, OAuth, and RADIUS.

Local Virtual Workspace with Hysolate

  • Virtualized desktops are often very restricted — many companies prevent employees from downloading 3rd party apps or even from having access to anything outside the corporate network. Given that the workforce is now remote-first, this is extremely frustrating for employees. They need a safe and secure remote work environment that lets them open email attachments, download files, and install 3rd party apps.
  • Separate operating systems for high risk users — another solution some organizations have found is to provide a relatively open virtualized desktop for regular use, and another, locked-down desktop for privileged use, for users like administrators or finance staff. This improves security, but degrades user experience and productivity and is impractical or too expensive for most enterprises.
  • Protecting corporate devices by completely isolating a user desktop and the applications and files used by employees.
  • Providing secure corporate access from unmanaged user-owned devices, using a strong, VM-based, isolated workspace.



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