At Hysolate we use to collect anonymous telemetry events. The Elastic stack is a great set of tools for centralized monitoring and log collection. However, the actual data shippers, called “ “, are not optimized for managing authentication at scale.

In this post, I will present how we overcame this…

Let’s compare Windows Virtual Desktop vs Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops across several key dimensions: system requirements, cost efficiency, accessibility for small to medium businesses, and administration experience required.

System Requirements

Windows Virtual Desktop

To run WVD on Azure, you need to use a supported operating system (OS) and use the required…

Oleg Zlotnik, Senior Software Engineer, Hysolate

Hysolate has been providing hyper-isolated environments to endpoint desktops for years. Using that knowledge and experience that we have gained, we recently released Isolated Workspace-as-a-Service (IWaaS), which brings some exciting and novel capabilities to the user’s desktop, leveraging state of the art virtualization and…

Oleg Zlotnik, Senior Software Engineer, Hysolate

You’re probably familiar with the concept of containers — a piece of lightweight software that bundles an application and all its dependencies and configuration into a single package, that can be easily deployed and executed reliably and deterministically on multiple different platforms, environments, and…


Hysolate is a software platform that enables locally deploying and remotely managing virtual, secured, environments on a single endpoint.

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